Annual Challenge

Since 2004, our Guild has had fun voting on and weaving projects for an annual weaving “challenge.” We offer up and choose a theme or topic, challenging weavers to weave something that is inspired by that year’s topic. It is completely voluntary and meant only as a fun incentive to weave something that we might not otherwise weave on our own. Since around 2009, we have made our December program the annual Show & Tell of our challenge projects. Although we encourage as many as possible to weave and present their projects at that meeting, that too is completely optional… we look forward to seeing any project, any time!

2018 Guild Challenge: Texture

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ˈteksCHər/ (noun)

  • The character or appearance of a textile fabric as determined by the arrangement and thickness of its threads: a dark shirt of rough texture.
  • Art, the tactile quality of the surface of a work of art.

Textures can be described as “rough,” “smooth,” “hard,” “soft,” “liquid,” “solid,” “lumpy,” “gritty,” etc. The word “texture” can even be used in abstract senses, e.g., for music and poetry.

Think of as many different words as you can to describe the textures you find around you, for example: coarse, slimy, bristly, smooth, furry, matted, twisted, scratchy, wrinkled, soft, rough. How would you create those textures, or portray them visually?

The Challenge

Weave your choice of fabric creating texture through weave structure as well as through the surface of the yarn itself.

  • Combine weave structures—mix and match.
  • Weave a structure so it has the appearance of texture.
  • Work with textural yarns.
  • Name it!

Download the 2018 Guild Challenge PDF

A few references:
  • Handwoven — May/June 2015
  • The Best of Weaver’s: Fabrics That Go Bump – edited by Madelyn Van der Hoogt
  • The Best of Weaver’s Thick ‘n Thin – edited by Madelyn Van der Hoogt
  • Color and Texture in Weaving, 150 Contemporary Designs – Margo Selby

Good luck and happy weaving!!

(Questions? Contact Phyllis S or email us your comments or questions.)

Past Years’ Challenges

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  • 2016: “Hepped on Rep”
  • 2015: “Rags to Riches”: weaving with fabric strips
  • 2014: “65th Anniversary” (a specific color challenge)
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  • 2012: “Fear Factor”: tackle something you haven’t dared; up the challenge with the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • 2011: “That’s a Fiber of a Different Color!”: color interaction
  • 2010: “Thrills with Twills ABC”
  • 2009: “Body Language ABC*”: a wearable
  • 2008: “Photo Finish”: use a photo for color inspiration
  • 2007: “Initial Relativity”: use your initials for color, structure, project
  • 2006: “New Yarns Resolution”: fiber never used before
  • 2005: “Luck of the Draw”: card from deck and/or 2-Shaft Not Plain
  • 2004: “Color: given three paint chip colors to use”