Annual Challenge

Since 2004, our Guild has had fun voting on and weaving projects for an annual weaving “challenge.” We offer up and choose a theme or topic, challenging weavers to weave something that is inspired by that year’s topic. It is completely voluntary and meant only as a fun incentive to weave something that we might not otherwise weave on our own. Since around 2009, we have made our December program the annual Show & Tell of our challenge projects. Although we encourage as many as possible to weave and present their projects at that meeting, that too is completely optional… we look forward to seeing any project, any time!

2023 Challenge: Weavers’ Poker Challenge

One “hand” for the whole guild, as shown below.


Each participant may discard 2 of the 5 cards and must use at least 3 of the cards, as described below.

  • Structure: Leno Lace
  • Use: Towels
  • Fiber: Any mix/blend of fibers in a single thread or yarn; for example, cottolin, silk/bamboo blend, wool/nylon blend, etc. Combining yarns made from different fibers, such as a cotton warp and wool weft, does not count.
  • Texture: bumpy
  • Color: At least one thread or yarn must be chartreuse-ish, yellow-greenish, lime-ish. Anyvalue, tint, or tone can be used. Any other color(s) can be used with the yellow-green

Who will take on a real challenge and use all 5!?

Past Years’ Challenges