2018-2019 Programs

Unless otherwise noted, programs are held at Congregation Etz Chaim Temple, Lombard. Please remember that Temple Etz Chaim is kosher. Out of respect for the Temple, please bring no pork or shellfish for any monthly snacks or personal lunches.

Contact Kathy S with any questions about these programs.

September 4 (Note this is the FIRST Tuesday of the month)

“Fiberworks PCW” by Jennifer Chou

Jennifer will show you how to put the magic of Fiberworks to work for designing your weaving drafts. She will discuss simple drawdowns to multi-shaft structures and free design; she will also cover automatic options, block substitution, color use, weave as drawn in, and printing options.

Hostesses: Kathy S and Virginia R

October 9

“Nuno Felting” by Cynthia Boudreau

Cynthia will do a presentation on Nuno Felt and other felt processes.  She will show some of her work. Cynthia teaches at Fine Line Creative Arts Center in St Charles, IL.

Hostesses: Sue Z and Andrea A

November 12 — Please note this meeting has been changed to Monday!!

“Portrait Design in Tapestry” by Ruth Manning

“I have an idea for a portrait, what do I do next? How do I create an expressive image that grows from my original thought?” In this lecture, Ruth will share approaches she has used to work through this design process. She will show a variety of portraits she has created using hand-woven tapestry techniques and explore the impact art elements such as color, shape, and texture have had on her art.

View Ruth Manning’s blog.

Hostesses: Valda M and Ellen GB

Workshop: “Weaving Expression in Faces” by Ruth Manning —
3 Days (November 12-14)

Enjoy learning to construct a woven face using tapestry technique; once you begin weaving it may remind you of someone you know.  We will focus on a few key elements that play a part in creating expression such as choice of weft, use of the slit, and shape making using “hills and valleys”. The instructor will be providing a wide range of wefts for use in the weaving, but you may want to think about what outfit your person will be wearing. Selections of bits and pieces from your stash are bound to add pizzazz, including handspun for hair and novelty yarns for clothes. All levels can find this workshop rewarding. This workshop is suitable for beginning tapestry weavers.

Participants must bring a loom capable of tension adjustment.

Workshop Fee: $155 for guild members, $175 for non-members; includes $25 materials fee.

December 11

Holiday Party and Guild Challenge

The focus of this guild challenge is Texture.

For our December meeting, the meal will be a milk meal, meaning no meat will be served. Cheeses, eggs, yogurts, breads, vegetables, nuts (labeled if not obvious), salads, and tuna fish are welcome. Of course, desserts will be greatly enjoyed.  If you are in doubt about the dish you wish to bring, please ask Maxine M.  In the past we have had some delicious spreads after meetings!


January 8

“What’s Next, and Why? Identify Your True Weaving Objectives, and Pick a Project to Get Excited About!” by Natalie Boyett of the Chicago Weaving School

When a warp comes off the loom, and you know it’s time to start another project, do you ever feel:

  • overwhelmed, with so many seductive options you don’t know which to choose?
  • underwhelmed, and totally lacking the inertia or excitement to start something new?
  • useless, because everyone in your family has reached their maximum number of handwoven scarves and dishtowels?
  • intimidated, because you have a vague idea what you want to do, but have NO IDEA if it will work, what it will look like, or even how to go about it?

Natalie Boyett will lead us through exercises to discover the obvious and not-so-obvious ways that weaving can meet our needs, and discuss strategies for choosing and designing projects that make us feel happy, productive, and SATISFIED.

Hostesses: Kathleen B and Cheryl H

February 12

Meeting canceled due to weather conditions.
Color! by the Fox Valley Study Group

Hostesses: Maxine M and Julie G

March 12

“Echo Weave: A Starting Point” by Beth Duncan

An overview of network drafting and echo weave.

Hostesses: Nancy W and Michele O

March 12 pm – Workshop: “Echo Weave: A Starting Point,  part 1” by Beth Duncan

Part 1 will consist of:

  • Class plan
  • Parallel repeats
  • Network drafting
  • Tie ups
  • Put it all together on the computer (Fiberworks software used)
  • Review of drafts in handout
  • Color choices
  • Weaving tips for towels
  • 4 spool warping demonstration

Weaving will be done at home. Participants must have an 8-shaft loom, 22” wide preferred, but narrower drafts can be provided.  It needs to be ready for a new warp on this date.  You will weave towels.

8/2 unmercerized cotton works best for this project, in clear saturated colors.  Bring what you may have in your stash, buy ahead of time (after talking to the instructor) or purchase from the instructor in class day 1.  You will need 4 different colors in a pure hue, or close to it for the warp. Beth will help with color choices on day 1. You will need a couple of other colors for weft. If you don’t have what you need, you can purchase 8/2 unmercerized cotton fiber from Beth for about $11/tube.

Workshop Fee: $60 for guild members, $80 for non-members; includes $18 handout fee.


April 9

“Narration on Variegation” by Jan Macklin

Jan will talk about the many different types of variegated yarns and the weave structures to use with them.  She will show samples of her work.

Hostesses: Sheri B and Marcie R

April 9 pm – Workshop: “Echo Weave: A Starting Point, part 2” by Beth Duncan

Part 2 will consist of:

  • Show & Tell of woven samples and towels
  • Explanation of more drafting possibilities, using Fiberworks software
  • Questions and Answers


May 14

Itty Bitty Looms Study Group

The Itty Bitties continue their exploration of Tablet Weaving and have branched out into Pin Loom Weaving with some Rigid Heddle weaving thrown in for the fun of it.  They will show the outcome of their own mini challenge.

Hostesses: Phyllis S and Noel C

June 11

The Free Spirits: “Learning From the Past” 

Hostesses: Karen P and Peg R