20192020 Programs

Unless otherwise noted, programs are held at Congregation Etz Chaim Temple, Lombard from 10 a.m. to noon. Please remember that Temple Etz Chaim is kosher. Out of respect for the Temple, please bring no pork or shellfish for any monthly snacks or personal lunches.

September 10, 2019 (Note pre-guild meeting workshop date)

“Woven Baskets” by Ellen Phillips

Ellen Phillips has been weaving baskets since 1984. Making that first basket sparked a lifelong interest in hand work. It has always been Ellen’s desire to share the knowledge of what she has learned with others and to keep learning more about this ancient art. Ellen brings humor and a “can do” attitude to the classes she teaches. Her lecture will provide us a peek into this world.

Ellen will be teaching two Glove Basket Workshops, each 1.5 days, one before and one following the guild meeting:

  • September 3 (starting at 1 p.m.) and September 4 (all day)
  • September 10 (starting at 1 p.m.) and September 11 (all day)

Fee: $65 (members), $70 (non-members). Materials fee included.

October 15, 2019 (note date is the Third Tuesday)

“Weaving, Sisterhood, Intimacy” by SHENEQUA

SHENEQUA is a Caribbean textile interdisciplinary artist who received her Masters of Design in Fashion, Body, & Garment at School of the Art Institute of Chicago under the mentorship of Nick Cave and Liat Smestad. Born from weaving, her art “takes on a life of its own through sculpture, performance, textile or ‘garment’ pieces and installations” and “celebrates the ideas of sisterhood, womanhood, sacred space, intimacy, identity and beauty.” We are excited to have her as a guest lecturer! Learn more about SHENEQUA.

November 11, 2019 (note date is the Second Monday)

“Trunk Show and Behind My Work” by Mary Sue Fenner

Mary Sue Fenner’s Trunk Show will amaze you! This audience interactive display highlights her enthusiasm for her one-of-a-kind jackets and focuses on her creativity, as everyone will get an up-close look at her beautiful garments. She will tell the story behind each jacket; the fabric, the pattern, the embellishment and more. Make sure you bring your camera! Taking pictures is encouraged.

Mary Sue will be teaching her Make Your Own One-of-a-Kind Jacket Class (2.5 days) following the guild meeting.

November 11–13

Essentially a sewing class (with an emphasis on using hand woven fabrics), students bring pre-prepared fabric (handwoven, commercial and/or a combination thereof) to class. Each student works at their own pace. This is not a class for beginning sewers.

Day one (starting at 1 p.m.): Try on trunk show jackets; choose appropriate pattern for fabric; measure students and alter jacket patterns; cut and start sewing

Days two and three (all day): Assemble garments; learn new and traditional techniques to sew handwoven fabrics; learn proper pressing techniques; finish edges of garment

Fee:  ~$220 (member) and ~$240 (non-member)

December 10, 2019

Holiday (pot luck) Party and Guild Challenge

January 14, 2020

“Dyeing 101” by Dagmar Klos

Dagmar Klos is a dye master, fiber artist, and teacher, as well as the copublisher and coeditor of the Turkey Red Journal, a newsletter dedicated to natural dyes. She is the author of “The Dyers Companion” published by Interweave Press and the recipient of the Handweavers Guild of America’s Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing. An IPW guild favorite, Dagmar’s lecture is informally called “Dyeing 101.”

February 11, 2020

Fox Valley Study Group

MEETING CANCELED March 17, 2020 (note date is the Third Tuesday)

“Behind the Scenes at The Weaving Mill” by Emily Winter

For our March meeting, we are very excited to have Emily Winter, co-founder of Chicago’s The Weaving Mill (TWM) join us. TWM’s mission is a unique combination of small industrial weaving mill business (with “small run” productions and artist residencies) combined with community service.  Its work with Envisions (yes, the organization our guild members often donate to) allows adults with learning disabilities to create weaving and sewing products. Emily will share about TWM, its projects, and the ethos of the business.  (A few of us have toured TWM during their open house – it is wonderful to have such an establishment “so close” to home.) Learn more about The Weaving Mill.

April 14, 2020

“Never Enough Bags” by the Itty Bitty Study Group

The thread that keeps this study group together this year will be colorful bags whether big, small, short or tall this group can do it all. Whether it is made from pin, potholder, inkle, tablet or a combination of them there will be a variety. But wait, there is a catch… the color(s) used in weaving the bags will have a story as to why it was chosen. You know you can never have enough bags!

May 11, 2020 (note date is the Second Monday)

“Deflected Doubleweave” by Denise Kovnat

Denise Kovnat is a weaver, dyer, occasional spinner, and “free-range seamstress” who loves painted warps, collapse weave, and extended parallel threadings – all to make colorful, textured fabrics used in garments for teaching samples, shows and sales. Her pieces have been juried into the HGA Convergence fashion shows since 2008. Learn more about Denise Kovnat.

Denise will be teaching a Deflected Doubleweave as a Collapse Weave Structure Workshop (2.5-days) following the guild meeting.

May 11 – 13

Participants learn about and practice Deflected Double Weave as a structure that will collapse, pleat, and pucker after washing. Choosing from 4, 8, and 12 shaft drafts, participants will wind warps and dress their looms before the workshop. They will weave a number of samples for reference, washing at least one to learn how Collapse Weave is achieved in the finishing. They will also practice drafting and planning their own Deflected Double Weave designs using Collapse Weave techniques. This workshop is recommended for intermediate to advanced weavers.

Fee: TBD/~$200 (member) and TBD/~$220 (non-member).

June 9, 2020

The Free Spirits, pot-luck luncheon and Stash Sale