20212022 Programs

Some meetings and workshops will be conducted virtually using the ZOOM Internet service, rather than in-person at our normal meeting place. Dates and topics may change, and workshop prices and requirements may also change. Unless otherwise noted, meetings start at 10 AM US Central Time.

If feasible, Hybrid meetings will combine in-person and virtual elements. For example, speakers will present via Zoom and those who choose to participate in-person will view the speaker’s presentation on a projection screen and present their own show & tell items live, which will be shared with the virtual audience. We are still working out the technical details of such meetings, which will also depend on COVID pandemic status and related facility restrictions.

Please check this page for updates closer to the actual dates.

ZOOM Meeting Tuesday, September 14th
Tali Weinberg: Weaver and Climate Activist 

Tali Weinberg is an Urbana-Champaign Artist who utilizes weaving, sculpture and thread drawing to generate her work by observing and documenting data from “climate sources.” Incorporating these continually chang-ing climate factors, Tali weaves her fabrics with natural dyes on floor looms and jacquard looms. 

Non-members, please complete our Visitor Registration Form to participate.

Hybrid Meeting — Tuesday, October 12th
Rebecca Burgess, FIBERSHED 

Weaver and natural dyer, Rebecca Burgess, created Fibershed as a non-profit organization. Fibershed develops textile-based communities which will generate naturally beneficial, permanent and lasting economic systems. Rebecca will share her story of her journey to create a wardrobe from the 150 mile radius surrounding her to understand the resources in her own backyard. 

Non-members, please complete our Visitor Registration Form to participate.

Members, if you have not already indicated your intention to attend in person, we ask that you attend via Zoom.

ZOOM Meeting — Tuesday, November 9th
Elizabeth Williamson, Handweavers Guild of America (HGA)

Elizabeth will tell us about the goals and journey of HGA as it exists today, and will share with us the numerous recent updates for Convergence and HGA’s new online programs. 

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Meeting, Location TBD — Tuesday, December 14th
December Pot Luck Party, Guild Challenge: Longing to be Let Loose

Some of our talented weavers will host a group of activities that will entertain and delight our members, to coincide with our holiday season. The Guild challenge creations (interpreting a photo from a favorite destination) will be displayed, showing all our creative approaches to this topic.

Meeting, Location TBD — Tuesday, January 11th
Margaret Stump: Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Pin Weaving 

Pin weaving was a popular craft from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. With thanks to the Schacht Spindle Company, the creator of the 4” Zoom Loom, pin loom weaving has gained a resurgence and a significant following in the weaving community, permitting weaving on the go while reducing that stash. Margaret will share insights into the many creative possibilities of weaving on pin looms. 

Mini-Workshop, Location TBD — Tuesday, January 11th, 1-4PM  
Margaret Stump: Pin Loom Weaving/Building Skills 

Margaret Stump will share the skills used in pin loom weaving, demonstrating overshot patterns, and the joins used to construct a multi-square finished piece. Not just for kids, pin loom weaving is a true art form. Learn how to create a fun and fabulous finished project. 

Skill level: All 
Participant Cost: $15 
Materials List: Supplied by participants – Pin Loom (Zoom or Butterfly), tapestry & 6” weaving needles, scissors, fork (as beater), crochet hook (1.75-2.5mm) 8 yds dark or light worsted weight yarn. 

Meeting, Location TBD — Tuesday, February 8th
Karen Searle: Guatemalan Textiles 

Karen Searle is an author, artisan and instructor of fiber and mixed media. She has traveled to South America over four decades, learning, exploring and writing about the many Guatemalan techniques. She will share with us the many samples she has collected and discuss the rich heritage of the Guatemalan people. 

Meeting, Location TBD — Tuesday, March 8th
Justin Squizzero: Webinar Interview with Textile TV. NYC 

Justin, a talented weaver, lives on Burroughs-Hebb-McClintoch farm in Newbury, Vermont, and weaves traditional textiles on 200-year old jacquard looms built in this country. This interview with Textile TV will give insight on his work and examine the value and presence of age-old looms in a technological world. 

Meeting, Location TBD — Monday, April 11th
Mary Zicafoose: Ikat Weaving/Tapestries 

Living on a historical piece of land once owned by the Pawnee Indians in Omaha, Nebraska, Mary weaves rich tapestries using centuries’ old techniques like ikat, full of symbols handed down by the Peruvians. Mary will share with us many stories of her travels around the world, emphasizing her work for public spaces. 

Workshop, Location TBD — 
Monday, April 11th, 1-4PM/Tuesday, April 12th, 10-4PM/Wednesday, April 13th, 10-4PM
Mary Zicafoose: The Shifted Warp Ikat Scarf

Master Ikat weaver, Mary Zicafoose will instruct members on the process of weaving an ikat scarf, and help us create an amazing piece of art in the process. A workshop that is not to be missed.

Skill level: Beginner to Advanced 
Participant Cost: TBA – Cost will be based on workshop location (Zoom or In-Person).
Materials List: TBA

Meeting, Location TBD — Tuesday, May 10th
Study Group Presentations: Between Me and My Loom! 

Our study groups return with glorious presentations of their finished weavings created during the pandemic year. 

Meeting, Location TBD — Tuesday, June 14th
Trunk Show & Pot Luck: Gathering 

Depending on what pandemic restrictions are still in force, we will meet and share stories of our classes, lectures and workshops enjoyed during our time apart.