Study Groups

Study Groups are a great way to learn and share weaving experiences! The Illinois Prairie Weavers Guild has the following active study groups.

Fox Valley Study Group

The Fox Valley (FV) Study Group was originally created to allow smaller group interactions and to accommodate the geographic locations of its members. In recent years, the “glue” that binds the group is a focus on different and varied weaving structures each year. We meet year round, every third Tuesday of the month, using a hybrid in-person/Zoom meeting structure. 

Our intent is to provide a welcoming, fun and supportive environment. By sharing insights, successes, and challenges with our projects, all learn and grow. Our members range from very experienced to (very welcomed) newbies. People may join our sessions as “regular” members or as “drop-ins,” providing an opportunity to explore what a weaving group can provide to an individual’s weaving growth and development. 

During the 2022-2023 year, the FV group will be using Bonnie Inouye’s book, Exploring Multishaft Design, as the basis of a group study. This will complement each individual’s personal areas of interest.


A Strong Beginning Study Group

This is a new study group is in the beginning stages of forming! Meeting time and location are still undetermined, but it will probably be once a month, meeting in the western suburbs. This study group is intended to bring guidance and encouragement to newer weavers, or weavers who have been away from their looms for a while. If you are interested in joining and haven’t yet already done so, please contact me so I can include you in our organizing communications.

CONTACT: Jennifer J