Guild Positions

2022-2023 Administrative Board

The Guild has Bylaws, Standing Rules and a set of Financial Policies, which set forth how our Guild is organized and governed.  These documents are available on the website under Printable Documents.

We have a Board of Directors, and a full Administrative Board, made up of the Board of Directors, the Administrative Coordinators, and the Study Group Representatives.

The current Administrative Board members are listed below.

Board of Directors

Kathy S
President Responsibilities

First Vice Presidents:
Gay A, Stojana K, and Kate W
First Vice-President Responsibilities

Second Vice President: 
Pam K and Jodi W
Second Vice-President Responsibilities
(updated 2023)

Jack F
Secretary Responsibilities

Barb B
Treasurer Responsibilities (updated 2023)

Compliance Director: Open

Administrative Board


Guild Challenge: Barbara N
Challenge Responsibilities

Email: Diane W (primary)
E-Mail Responsibilities (updated 2023)

Documents: Paula B
(new position)

Equipment: Phyllis S
Equipment Responsibilities

Equipment Guidelines

Equipment Contract

Hospitality: Billie M
Hospitality Responsibilities (updated 2023)

Library: Maxine M
Library Responsibilities

Library Details

Library Guidelines

Membership: Sheri B
Membership Responsibilities

Newsletter: Open
Newsletter Responsibilities

Publicity/Social Media: Sandy MH
Publicity/Social Media Responsibilities (updated 2023)

Webmaster: Suzanne W
Webmaster Responsibilities (updated 2023)

Yearbook: Sue Z
Yearbook Responsibilities (updated 2023)

Study Group Representatives:
Sheri B (Fox Valley)
Jennifer J (A Strong Beginning)

Study Group Representative Responsibilities