Guild Positions

2019-2020 Administrative Board

The guild has a Board of Directors and Coordinators, along with a Representative from each study group. The guild has a Constitution and Standing Rules and conducts meetings by Roberts’ Rules of Order. Note that the guild underwent some structural changes in 2019 and new documents will be posted soon.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to our 2018-2019 President, Ellen GB, as well as to all other volunteers for their contributions to the success of our guild during the past year!

Board of Directors

Photo of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors
Members of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

President: Kathy Sommer
IPW President Responsibilities

First Vice Presidents: Paula B, Billie M, and Phyllis S
IPW First Vice-President Responsibilities

Second Vice President: Dorita F
IPW Second Vice-President Responsibilities

Secretary: Karen R
IPW Secretary Responsibilities

Treasurer: Gay A
IPW Treasurer Responsibilities

Compliance Agent: Barbara H

The following documents are also related to the Treasurer position:

Other Positions

Guild Challenge: Jennifer J
IPW Challenge Committee Chair Responsibilities

Documents: Barbara H
IPW Documents Chair Responsibilities

Email Coordinator: Diane W (primary) and Barb B (backup)
IPW E-Mail Coordinator Responsibilities

Equipment Coordinator: Phyllis S
IPW Equipment Committee Chair Responsibilities

Hospitality: Billie M
IPW Hospitality Chair Responsibilities

Librarian: Maxine M
IPW Librarian Responsibilities

Membership: Sheri B
IPW Membership Committee Chair Responsibilities

Newsletter: Kate W
IPW Newsletter Chair Responsibilities

Publicity/Social Media: Sandy MH and Julie G
IPW Publicity-Social Media Publicity-Social Media Responsibilities

Webmaster: Suzanne W
IPW Webmaster Responsibilities

Yearbook: Sue Z
IPW Yearbook Chair Responsibilities

Study Group Representatives:

Valda M (Fox Valley)
Cari S (Itty Bitty)
Janet B (One Thread at a Time)
Lauren O (Rigid Heddle)
Barbara H (Not Ready for Prime Time)
IPW Study Group Representative Responsibilities

Nominating Committee:
IPW Nominating Committee Responsibilities

General Master Calendar:
IPW General Master Annual Calendar