Guild Positions

2017-2018 Executive Committee and Other Positions

The guild has officers who sit on the Executive Committee along with a representative from each study group. The guild has a Constitution and Standing Rules and conducts meetings by Roberts’ Rules of Order.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to our 2016-2017 President, Sheri B, as well as to all other volunteers for their contributions to the success of our guild during the past year!

Executive Committee Members

President: Paula B
IPW President Responsibilities

First Vice President: Ellen BG
IPW First Vice-President Responsibilities

Second Vice President: Kathy S
IPW Second Vice-President Responsibilities

Secretary: Cari S
IPW Secretary Responsibilities

Treasurer: Karen P
IPW Treasurer Responsibilities

The following documents are also related to the Treasurer position:

Other Positions

Guild Challenge: Phyllis S
IPW Challenge Committee Chair Responsibilities

Documents: Barbara H
IPW Documents Chair Responsibilities

Email Coordinator: Karen R
IPW Email Coordinator Responsibilities

Equipment Coordinator: Phyllis S
IPW Equipment Committee Chair Responsibilities

Hospitality: Billie M
IPW Hospitality Chair Responsibilities

Librarian: Maxine M
IPW Librarian Responsibilities

Membership: Kate W
IPW Membership Committee Chair Responsibilities

Newsletter: Kate W
IPW Newsletter Chair Responsibilities

Publicity/Social Media: Gay A
IPW Publicity/Social Media Responsibilities

Webmaster: Suzanne W
IPW Webmaster Responsibilities

Yearbook: Kate W
IPW Yearbook Chair Responsibilities

The following additional documentation is also available:

Study Group Representatives:
IPW Study Group Representative Responsibilities

Nominating Committee:
IPW Nominating Committee Responsibilities

General Master Calendar:
IPW General Master Annual Calendar