December 2021: Guild Challenge, “Longing to Be Let Loose”

The Goal:  Interpret an image of a favorite destination into a woven piece. The submissions for this year’s challenge follow.

Chris M – Aurora Borealis Scarf

The inspiration
The scarf – twill and plain weave woven on 4 shafts in 10/2 cotton warp and Tencel weft, sett at 26 epi

Ellen GB – Tundra Towels

The inspiration
The warps
The finished towels – twill variation of Strickler 727-728, woven on 8 shafts with 8/2 cotton warp and various wefts, sett at 20 epi

Gay A – The Shawl that Wasn’t

Mohair shawl on loom

The plan was to create a plain weave shawl in mohair of several weights. Al though the sett was just 5 epi, it was difficult to get a good shed, though a shed stick helped.

Unfortunately, Gay had to cut her project off the loom without finishing because the mohair fiber caused a terrible allergic reaction in her eyes.

Jennifer J – Frog Band

The inspiration
The finished band, woven in cotton on an inkle loom

Lauren O – Barcelona Night Scarf

The inspiration
The finished scarf, woven on a rigid heddle loom using 8/2 Tencel and Halcyon metallic chainette warp and Halcyon metallic chainette and Katia Gatsby knitting yarn (viscose/nylon/metallic poly) weft
Closeup of scarf

Linda A – “Rick and Nanette” Tapestry

Inspiration 1 – Rick
Inspiration 2 – Nanette
Finished tapestry of Rick and Nanette – background was woven and the figures were created with embroidery, then mounted/framed

Linda A – Tree of Life Tapestry

The inspiration
The finished tapestry – woven in various fibers on a tapestry loom and then mounted/framed

Phyllis S – Falling Waters Table Linens

The inspiration
Finished napkin & placemat
On loom