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Study Groups

Study Groups are a great way to learn and share weaving experiences! The Illinois Prairie Weavers Guild has the following active study groups:


Fox Valley Study Group

Current Area of Study: Lace Weaves

The Fox Valley Study group meets year round (usually!) every third Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. at various member homes. Our goal as a study group is to study some aspect of weaving while also providing an experience for people with an interest in weaving or other fiber arts that helps them achieve their goals. Our group is open to all, either as a core member or as someone that simply wants to drop in from time to time and share experiences and difficulties with their projects. We have members at all levels, from beginner to expert, that can offer insights and options. We also have members interested in weaving but who do not necessarily weave.

Each year we pick an area of study that will be the focus of our presentation to the guild. As much as we would like members to be involved in our guild presentation, it is not required. We want our group to be informative but also fun. This group may be the perfect introduction to study groups, both for people who are not sure they want to join one as well as for those who want a bit more structure for furthering their study.



Itty Bitty Looms Study Group

Current Area of Study: Tablet Weaving with Small Looms

The Itty Bitty Loomies Study Group meets the second Tuesday of the month starting at 1 pm at Congregation Etz Chaim, 1710 S Highland Ave, Lombard, IL 60148. Our group will focus on weaving on the smaller non-harness looms--inkle, tablet, pin weaving (aka weavettes or Zoom Looms), finger weaving, and rigid heddle looms--along with any other types participants are interested in. We welcome any member--beginner, experienced or in between--who is interested in any of these forms of weaving.

This year we will look into 3/1 Twill, Anglo-Saxon, and Coptic and Egyptian Diagonals for Tablet Weaving. Also for this year, Tri-Axial weaving will be introduced. Inkle weaving will continue to be explored. Our goal is to study how these various weaving methods will add to our weaving experiences and incorporate them into other ways of weaving.


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