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2016-2017 Programs

Contact Paula B with any questions about these programs.

September 13

"Jacket Trunk Show" by Mary Sue Fenner

Enjoy a Trunk Show of one-of-a-kind jackets, tops and coats. You will be able to participate by trying on a number of hand woven, dyed and pieced garments. Newly rescued items will be featured also. Rust dyeing and transforming blankets into garments will be discussed. Bring your camera and notepad.

HOSTESSES: Paula B and Maxine M


October 18 -- Please note this meeting will be on the third Tuesday!!

"Herron Clothier" by Dee Clements

Dee is the Founder and Creative Director of Herron, a textile brand and weaving studio in Chicago. Partnering with The Weaving Mill, also local, Dee translates hand woven cloth to an industrial scale while preserving and maintaining a commitment to ethical and environmental sustainability, traditional craft methodologies, and the artistic process. An exciting talk, for sure!

HOSTESSES: Virginia R and Kathleen B



November 8 -- Please note this meeting has been changed to Tuesday!!

"What to do with Bands" by John Mullarkey

This is a fun look at what to do with all of the tablet and inkle woven bands you have been weaving. We will explore findings and fittings for belts and straps and brainstorm on creative uses of woven bands. Many examples will be available. Students are encouraged to bring their own woven bands.

Workshop: "Tablets: Basics and Beyond" by John Mullarkey -- 2-1/2 Days (November 7-9)

Congregation Etz Chaim Temple

Workshop Details

Please note this workshop will now begin on Monday morning!!

Day One (10 am - 5 pm): A basic history, drafting and designing threaded-in designs, setup, and basic weaving and finishing techniques.
Day Two (after Guild meeting until 5 pm): We learn circular warp setup, discuss weaving with individual cards in packs, and learn about double-turn double-card diagonals. A deeper look at the mechanics of tablet weaving will be discussed.
Day Three (9 am - 4 pm): Explore double faced weaving and 3/1 broken twill weaving techniques.

This workshop is good for those looking for an in-depth look at basic and intermediate tablet weaving techniques and mechanics. No tablet weaving experience required, but this is a great workshop for those with experience who want to look deeper into this art.

Workshop Fee
$185 for guild members, $200 for non-guild members
Includes material fee for cards and use of a loom. Participants will provide their own yarn, based on John's direction.

HOSTESSES: Janet B and Gay A


December 13

Holiday Party and Guild Challenge

The focus of this guild challenge is REP Weave.

HOSTESS: Maxine M's house


January 10

"Part 2: Silk, Linen, and the Rest" by Dagmar Klos

Nationally known dye and fiber expert completes her "Fiber and Yarn Basics" presentation. Exploring the characteristics, differences, sizing, best uses, quirks, etc. of these lovely, special fibers, she will provide answers to any and all questions.

HOSTESSES: Billie M and Phyllis S


February 14

"A Retrospective" by Chris Meier

A retrospective by the esteemed, much loved long time member of the guild. This engaging presentation is not to be missed.

HOSTESSES: Ewa B and Illona R


March 14

Itty Bitty Looms Study Group

Experimenting with several different types of small looms, this group is finding out smaller can be better!

HOSTESSES: Nancy W and Cheryl H


April 18 -- Please note this meeting will be on the third Tuesday!!

"Lace" by Fox Valley Study Group

HOSTESSES: Becca A and Marianne VZ


May 8 -- Please note this meeting will be on a Monday morning!!

"Warp Planning" by Heather Winslow

As a weaver, your choice of fibers and their placement in the warp determines to a great extent the characteristics of the fabric woven from them. Heather will address warp planning as it relates to garments by discussing such things as the properties of natural fibers, yarn counts, multiple fibers in one warp, working within the width restrictions of the loom, multiple garments on one warp, and various weave structures on one threading.

Workshop: "New Millenium Workshop" by Heather Winslow -- 2-1/2 Days (May 8-10)

Congregation Etz Chaim Temple

Workshop Details
Please note this workshop will begin on Monday afternoon!!

What on earth is Lyocell? Why would anyone combine cotton, silk, or merino wool with stainless steel into a yarn? Aren't pineapples and soybeans for eating and bamboo for building? What does a combination of silk and ramie feel like? How does one deal with Lycra? What is SeaCell and how do you use crepe yarns?

Learn the answers to all these questions and more during this fun filled class using new millennium fibers. Each person will receive a warp (prepared in advance by Heather) and set up a loom with a different yarn and structure, and then weave samples on all the other looms. Just imagine what a unique project you can then weave once you get home. This workshop is advanced beginner or intermediate level.

Workshop Fee
$205 for guild members, $230 for non-guild members
Includes materials fee to pay for all warp and weft yarns as well as handouts.

HOSTESSES: Maureen P and Kathy S


June 6 -- Please note this meeting will be on the first Tuesday!!

The Free Spirits

HOSTESSES: Cari S and Sheri B


Attention Weaving Fiber Artists!

IPW continuously looks for interesting programs for our members. If you are coming to or through the Chicago area and are interested in presenting a program to weavers, please email us to contact our program scheduler. Thanks!

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