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About the Guild Challenge

Since 2004, our Guild has had fun voting on and weaving projects for an annual weaving "challenge". We offer up and choose a theme or topic, challenging weavers to weave something that is inspired by that year's topic. It is completely voluntary and meant only as a fun incentive to weave something that we might not otherwise weave on our own. Since around 2009, we have made our December program the annual Show & Tell of our challenge projects. Although we encourage as many as possible to weave and present their projects at that meeting, that too is completely optional... we look forward to seeing any project, any time!

2017 Challenge:
"Nothing Plain About Plain Weave"

Click here for the 2017 Challenge in PDF format.


This challenge is designed to encourage the weaver to create a beautiful yet unique cloth. This basic structure offers a wide variety of looks by using the myriad variations:

The finished piece can be:

Or anything showing your interpretation of PLAIN weave defines plain weave as:

The most common and tightest of basic weave structures in which the filling shreds pass over and under successive warp threads and repeat the same pattern with alternate threads in the following row.

Experiment and play with this structure and HAVE FUN!!

"Due" for Show & Tell:

At the Guild's Annual Holiday Meeting on December 12, 2017

Previous Challenge Topics

2016--"Hepped on Rep"
2015 --"Rags to Riches": weaving with fabric strips
2014 -- "65th Anniversary" (a specific color challenge)
2013 -- "Sewing With Handwovens"
2012 -- "Fear Factor": tackle something you haven't dared; up the challenge with the 3Rs: reduce,
              reuse, recycle
2011 -- "That's a Fiber of a Different Color!": color interaction
2010 -- "Thrills with Twills ABC"
2009 -- "Body Language ABC*": a wearable
2008 -- "Photo Finish": use a photo for color inspiration
2007 -- "Initial Relativity": use your initials for color, structure, project
2006 -- "New Yarns Resolution": fiber never used before
2005 --"Luck of the Draw": card from deck and/or 2-Shaft Not Plain
2004 -- Color: given three paint chip colors to use

Good luck and happy weaving!!

(Questions? Contact Phyllis S or email us your comments or questions.)

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