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Fox Valley Study Group Program -- May 2016

Topic: Things that Inspire You to Weave

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

Instead of studying a particular weaving subject, this year the Fox Valley Study Group members decided they would each weave a table runner using a picture, object or color as inspiration. Soon afterwards, some discovered that their inspirations would not translate well into table runners so the decision was made to weave whatever the yarn sang out to be.

As a result of that discovery, we had the joy of seeing beautiful woven projects and laughed at some of the inspirations. There were grey/blue towels inspired by the color of clouds and sky woven by Ellen. Billie found her inspiration on Pinterest with a colorful poncho. Maxine found an old grilled door and wove a table runner done in browns resembling the grill. The beautiful Black Saddlebag Dragonfly gave inspiration for a rep weave table runner woven by Valda. Jennifer took her cue from when she visited Paris' Georges Pompidou Museum using her 32 harness loom to weave geometric circles in double weave. Using the colors in one of her mother's painted canvases to inspire her, Paula wove a rag rug and crackle weave towels. Sheri had a not so great family outing inspiring her wall hanging--not sure of how to go about weaving crammed and spaced weave, she plowed through the weaving and finished it with crocheted or felted bananas, eggs and other food items. It may not be a best in show but it certainly was the best inspired project.


Photo Viewing Instructions

  1. Click on one of the thumbnails below to view a larger scale photo in a separate window.
    Note: Thumbnails may appear squished or stretched, but the larger photo will appear as normal.
  2. Close the photo's separate window to return to the thumbnail gallery.

Ellen BG

Ellen shows us her towel inspired by clouds.


Billie M

Billie shows us her cloak of many colors!


Maxine M

Maxine wove her prairie style "door".


Paula B

The colors for Paula B's towels (not yet showing) were inspired by one of her mother's oil paintings of NYC. She also showed us one of her projects which was inspired by a Jason Collingwood rug weaving class. Paula enlarged her chart so we could see her shuttle-switching color guide for weaving her Crackle towels, so they are all the same, and all different at the same time. And finally Paula showed us the end of her towel warp, the colors of which tied back to the painting by her mother.


Valda M

Valda's inspiration came from a large black saddlebag skimmer dragonfly who paid her a visit at her house. She then showed us her black saddlebag dragonfly interpreted in a rep weave runner.


Sheri B

Sheri showed us her table runner and then tells us about a family vacation that inspired her vegetarian foodie's table runner!


Jennifer C

Jennifer wove towels on her 32-shaft loom, inspired by a painting by Vassily Kandinsky and seen at the Pompidou Center in Paris, which is the French National Museum of Modern Art. Jennifer's towels are all woven on the same warp! We also learned that a loom with 32 shafts can weave 16-shaft Double-Weave in two layers for a front that is different from the back. Jennifer wove ALOT of towels!