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"My Fiber Journey" by Nancy Weill -- February 2016

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

It is always a pleasure when one of our own members lets us into their fiber world. Nancy started weaving on the potholder loom as a child like so many of us did. Soon a table loom was in her life, then a Baby Wolf, and a 50" Norwood followed later. Nancy's pieces tell stories of what was going on in her life at the time she was weaving them--the friends she met, the teachers who inspired her and fibers she used. She did a graduate program in weaving and wove lots of pillows...mainly in white. After the pillows, she wove shawls with chenille. Meeting Anita Mayer at the Fine Line during a workshop inspired her to make jackets and other clothing from her handwoven fabric.

By taking many different workshops, Nancy has gathered good information on weaving the right way, collecting samples to help in future projects and working with different fibers. Nancy's weaving today looks nothing like it did when she first started but that is the whole point of a weaving journey--to learn, grow and enjoy the process. Each step of her journey Nancy said: "I can do this".


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