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"The Pickup Artist" with Cheryl Hare --
November 2015

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

Guild member Cheryl Hare shared her experiences with pickup weaves, particularly doubleweave pickup. Cheryl came to the doubleweave structure slowly through the years--at times saying she would not weave it again--but life has had a habit of bringing her back to it. She's also tried pickup using tablet and inkle weaving to make bookmarks for relatives, went back to doubleweave while in the 7x10 Study Group, and has continued on her own. Each time she learned more using resources she found in books and on the internet to help her figure out how to adapt patterns to fit her needs. Using filet crochet and cross stitch patterns, Cheryl has produced many beautiful items. Cheryl also let us in on a few helpful tips she learned along the way--including "Do not watch TV, listen to music, talk to other people, talk to yourself, or think about anything else while weaving" because a mistake is bound to be made! Cheryl also challenged herself with a triple weave project, and while the result is beautiful, she doesn't think it's something she is likely to try again. While doubleweave pickup is definitely a slow weaving process, Cheryl assured us that the results can well be worth the time and effort if you choose a design you really want to weave.


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Inkle and tablet weaving


Doubleweave pickup


Tripleweave pickup