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Fox Valley Study Group Program -- April 2015
Topic: Block Weaves

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

Block weaves and learning computer designing software was where this group went during this past year. And they did it! Many had never imagined using designing software in their weaving, but using graph paper and pencil was not going to cut it for block weave designing. Everyone learned to play around with the software at their own pace and sometimes with the help of Jennifer, who is a master at computers. Each produced weavings that meant something to them using different inspirations, from a coverlet purchased years ago to the color and texture they enjoy.

By using the computer to help design a block weave in twill or another favorite weave structure, they were able to weave it in overshot, summer/winter or Bronson Lace. Mistakes were made but from the mistakes, they learned. Basically that is what a study group is for, to learn new weaving techniques, structures, or new software to aid in weaving..and this group achieved it!

I need to comment on how great it was to see new faces in the group along with the familiar faces that have been part of the group for many years. Fox Valley study group is the oldest study group in our guild, starting in the 80's. It is something for them to be proud of and I hope they continue to grow and learn.


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