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7x10 Study Group Presentation (March 2014)
Topic: COE Girls Gone Amok!

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

It has been a full year since these intrepid weavers tossed aside their COE books and decided to walk on the wild side of weaving. The presentation began with a Dye Day where these ladies dyed some small skeins of yarn using the 12 hues on the color wheel, which Ellen later wove into a color gamp. They used the remaining dye to paint warps of their own. Next up was Janet, the "invisible woman", who did manage to channel into the presentation through Cheryl! Janet did some dyeing experiments at home with coffee filters, and then tried to dye a shawl to a specific color for a client, but found that very difficult to do! She also took a dye class at the Vogue Knitting Show that was very helpful. All was going well at the Dye Day for Cheryl until she moved to the other side of the table and ended up dyeing her yarns with the colors from the opposite side of the color wheel! She still managed to find some nice colors for the weft to go with the orange/red/red violet warp and ended up with a couple of scarves! She also wove an "egg" and three silhouettes using doubleweave pickup! Ellen did a nice color gamp, plus she took her dyeing a bit further in her studio by using pool chemicals with the dyes on fabric. She thinks the pool chemicals may have actually stained more than dyed the fabrics, but she still got a nice quilt top out of it! Onward to Tammy with her dyed yarn. Tammy's goal was to use it in a scarf, but she needed to walk the warp first to get the colors where she wanted them to be.

Now if all this sounds a little tame to you, let me assure you that more happened during the program... but it was the ending to the program that grabbed me and my fellow weavers. This was not for the faint of heart...Cheryl took over the PowerPoint and showed us all the terrible instances of "loom violence" that were occurring in the suburbs. The first reported incident concerned one of Tammy's students, who had a loom with a very messed up warp on it. The mischievous perpetrator was cute and furry! The second incident hit Tammy right where she works! After years and years and years and years of working on her tapestry, it was destroyed in seconds by a knife-wielding intruder at the TLD Design Center, leaving Tammy with nothing after all those years of slaving over that tapestry. Interestingly, police composites of the perpetrator bore a striking resemblance to Tammy herself. The third incident occurred at Ellen's house where the unique hand-dyed warp she had on her loom was cut ever so carefully. A picture of the two potential perps was shown to us, and it is this reporter's humble opinion that such cute, lovable faces could not have been the scissor-wielding perpetrator! Could there really be a warped slasher out there? Don't know about you, but I'm getting a bigger shuttle for added protection!


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Janet B

Cheryl H

Ellen H

Tammy D

Loom Violence!