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Loose Ends Study Group Program
(November 2013)

by Roving Reporter, Kate W

Starting in September 2011, a group of our members got together to encourage and support each other in their ongoing weaving. They decided from the beginning that they would not be studying one weaving structure or technique, but would get together to assist each other in either getting back to weaving on their looms or getting over a design hump or color choice. Along the way, this group learned how to use the McMorran yarn balance to help calculate the number of yards in a pound of yarn. Then while discussing how to identify a mystery yarn, they did burn testing on several different fibers (and they did this inside a church!). (If you don't say, anything I won't either.) Over the last couple years, discussions have been about chenille and its dreaded worming and how to manage it, how to twist fringe, what products are available to remove color that has bled, how to read drafts, and what can be accomplished with plain weave.

The word 'just' has been banished, so it is always a beautiful scarf or a wonderful towel... not 'just' a scarf or 'just' a towel. The word 'depends' has taken on a whole new meaning... it 'depends' on your yarn and sett if it would make a drapey scarf or a durable towel... or it 'depends' on what you would like it to be when it's finished. And... the Loose Ends ladies have figured out where all their samples go when they can't be found...


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